Why It's Good News That Everyone In Your Office Is Job-Hunting

job swooshing post-recession jobs creationNever heard of "job swooshing" before? It's a jobs creation phenomenon that occurs post-recession. Ask anyone who has been in the HR, recruiting and staffing industry for decades and they'll tell you: Job swooshing is the first sign of recovery in the job market. Here's why.

Job swooshing is when people who have been in jobs they hate for a long period of time finally get so fed up that they start looking (and finding!) new opportunities. Usually, they are people who survived a layoff and have been left to deal with the emotional fallout and additional workload left in the wake of their company's cost-cutting measures. Doing the work of three people under duress takes its toll. So, when the economy starts to stabilize, these unhappy people seek a new work environment to free them from their misery. As a result, their departure leaves a gap, and in many cases, an opportunity for the employer to rethink the role and the best way to fill it.

Often, employers will to hire two junior people, or consider hiring a different skill set altogether, creating new opportunities for others seeking to leave unsatisfying work situations. What's interesting is that while we don't see a massive amount of new jobs created during the "job swooshing" phase, there is a lot of hiring going on as people move from company to company. Over time, the new faces and strategies they bring to their new employers do lead to new initiatives -- and finally, employer confidence that creates jobs.

While the current new job creation numbers don't look all that impressive, don't underestimate all the job swooshing that is going on and how it will eventually create more jobs in the future. History says job swooshing means better times for job seekers ahead.

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