Rocketfrog, a Facebook casino in which you'll actually win stuff


The thing that always hangs us up about casino games on Facebook is that the players will never actually win anything. Games like Zynga Poker likely rake in millions, none of which goes to the players in any capacity other than bragging rights. Los Angeles-based RocketFrog, a recent web casino startup, wants to change that with a Facebook game suite of the same name.

RocketFrog claims to offer one of the most complete Facebook-based casinos yet, with Texas Hold 'Em, blackjack, and slots in multiplayer tournaments as well as single-player versions of no-limit poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, deuces and joker, deuces wild and jack and more. But what's most interesting isn't the games, but what's at stake for the players.

"We've created social tournaments where players can interact and compete to win real prizes against their friends; not just leaderboard points or status increases," RocketFrog co-founder and CEO Brett Calapp said in a release. "There's no better place to do that than Facebook because that's where your friends are at online. Who doesn't like beating their friends and winning a prize?"

Of the three tournament games that RocketFrog offers, real-life prizes are up for grabs daily. Thanks to partnerships will several brands, including Amazon, players can win goodies like movie tickets, music and more. Of course, like most social games, players can keep track of their friends' progress and send them in-game gifts.

RocketFrog Poker
RocketFrog Poker

RocketFrog is the next in line to prepare for the supposedly oncoming onslaught of real-money casino games on Facebook. It certainly sets itself apart from the competition in offering daily prizes for winning, but will that be enough to combat the likes of Zynga, PopCap, DoubleDown and the rest? Decide that one for yourself.

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