Puzzle Chasers runs after love, adventure on Facebook this summer

Puzzle Chasers Facebook
Puzzle games are all the rage on Facebook these days from bubble shooters to match-three games, but Konami looks to tap one largely untouched end of the puzzle spectrum: jigsaw puzzles. The storied game publisher announced that its next Facebook game, Puzzle Chasers, is headed for the social network this summer.

Focusing heavily on story, this puzzler will challenge players with timed bouts of solving various jigsaw puzzles. As for the tale that Puzzle Chasers looks to tell, someone is swiping the world's greatest landmarks, and its' up to Roxy, Blake (the two love birds pictured above) and their faithful monkey, Austin to put an end to the madness.
Puzzle Chasers puzzle complete
Like most puzzle games on Facebook, Puzzle Chasers will offer a Blitz mode that will introduce new puzzles to tackle weekly in addition to the 100 plus puzzles featured in the game's story mode. Throw a randomized method of solving the game's puzzles and various power-ups on top of that, and you might have yourself quite layered puzzle game come this summer. Check out the Puzzle Chasers Facebook page to learn more.

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