Offensive Combat, or what some ex-Call of Duty fellows cooked up

Offensive Combat launch
When a few veterans of the seminal Call of Duty franchise branched off to craft a social game of their own, we had no idea what to expect. (Well, aside from the fact that it would probably be a shooter.) Finally, U4iA founders Dusty Welch and Chris Archer have revealed the first images and details of their first release, Offensive Combat, a browser-based shooter.

According to the Offensive Combat description page, the social shoot 'em up will offer "the most competitive multiplayer action ever seen within a browser." The game is also coined as "ultimate mash-up of first-person shooters," and U4iA's goal becomes clear in these first two screen shots that almost look like two entirely different games.

Keeping with the current trends of the gaming scene, Offensive Combat will also have a mobile version that will connect with its browser edition to work together like never before, according to U4iA. More information will come in the next few weeks, wer'e told, and players will get the chance to sign up for a closed beta test soon enough.
Offensive Combat screens
So-called "hardcore" social games haven't done well historically, so we just can't wait to see what these ex-Call of Duty creators have in store to buck that trend. Well, giving the shooter genre a much-needed dose of color is certainly a start.

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