Mirrorball Slots: An enchanted spin of the wheels on Facebook


With the growing popularity of the slot machine (and even casino) genre on Facebook, it's no surprise that we've seen ex EA and Playfish staffers jump into the virtual gambling pool with Mirrorball Slots, Plumbee's first Facebook game with a fairty tale twist.

Mirrorball Slots only comes with three different slot machines to play thus far (with the promise of more coming in the future), but those that are available are based on established fairy tales like Goldilocks, Rapunzel and the ever popular Magic Mirror. The latter is a fairly bland slot machine, with little in the ways of frills or animations (other than the obviously spinning slot machine wheels), but the other two games are incredibly animated, with unique personalities (if an inanimate object can have a personality, that is).

Regardless of the machine, you can choose from a variety of wagers, based on the 25 lines available across the particular game board. Your potential winnings obviously increase as you increase your bet, and you'll frequently come across free spin gems and power-ups that will give you around 10 (sometimes more) free spins that take place automatically in a sort of game-within-a-game. These free spin scenarios are where the Goldilocks and Rapunzel boards really shine, as each has a different meter to climb. In the case of Goldilocks, you may be trying to fill each of the three bears' bars with pictures of Goldilocks in order to create additional wild cards on the wheels, while Rapunzel sees a prince trying to climb up the tower to rescue Rapunzel by using "wild" pieces of her hair.


Mirrorball Slots is a technically sound experience, offering the in-depth user interface you'd expect from a virtual slot machine. For example, you can set the game to auto spin the wheels in bundles of up to 1,000 spins, and you can speed up the rate at which the wheels actually move and stop if you'd rather not watch some of the animations. You can choose to bet on 1-25 lines at a time, and (as we said before) can choose to bet just a few coins per line (say, 2.5 or 5 coins per line) or can be a true high roller, betting up to 125 coins per line or more. When you first begin the game, you'll have 1,000 coins at your disposal, and luckily, each table seems to pay out more than enough coins for you to keep going long into the future without the threat of running out.

As it stands, this initial launch of Mirrorball Slots is rather limited, with just two of the three slot machines really being worth playing. With the promise of additional slot machines, and even a jackpot feature in the future, however, along with the ability to gain levels (unlocking more wager options) and compare your levels and bankrolls with your friends, this looks like one experience that will become even more entertaining with time.

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