Hidden Chronicles: Play Zynga Slingo for free Target Hints and energy


If you've yet to try out Zynga Slingo on Facebook, Zynga is hoping that a new cross-promotion in Hidden Chronicles will be enough to convince you to give the game a shot. For all players that play Zynga Slingo and earn at least 10 full boards in the game, they'll receive two free Target Hints and three energy for their troubles.

Remember, Zynga Slingo is based more on luck than skill, so earning 10 full boards can be an incredibly challenging and time consuming endeavor. Furthermore, the three energy that you win as a prize will be spent incredibly quickly, leaving the only real "positive" here to be the two free Target Hints.

Whether or not these hints, which allow you to pinpoint the exact location of a particular item within a hidden object scene, are actually worth the time and effort you'll need to expend to achieve them will be up to you. Good luck if you decide to go after them!

Will you try Zynga Slingo for these somewhat lackluster prizes in Hidden Chronicles? Sound off in the comments.