Game of the Day: SnackJack


Blackjack gets infused with carnival fun in today's Game of the Day, SnackJack. Pigs need food and this classic card game of beating the number 21 is your ticket to winning your piggies some grub. To start, you get four slots on a field to arrange your cards to score. Cards are dealt one at a time and can be moved across different slots.

Each level takes 70 seconds and carries a minimum of how many hands you need to satisfy the pig's hunger. If you fail to earn the minimum amount of winning hands, then your pig will run away from lack of food! If you succeed, then you'll eventually find your pig retired to The Farm, a place where you can show off the pigs you've accumulated. In the end of each level, you get an extra chance against the dealer. Any of your four hands that are higher than his one hand will earn you bonus food. If you want a quick, yet challenging take on BlackJack, then give SnackJack a try!

Play SnackJack!

How many levels of SnackJack can you beat?