Is this Angry Birds maker Rovio's next big project on Facebook?

Angry Birds Friends Facebook
Angry Birds Friends Facebook

For all we know, it could just be another set of levels. The esteemed Finnish mobile game creator recently teased what's next for its Angry Birds on Facebook. In a Facebook News Feed post, Rovio wrote, "Who wants new levels on Facebook? Stay tuned this week to see what's new!" With the message came the image seen above, which seems insignificant save for one detail.

Notice the logo for something known as "Angry Birds Friends?" While all Rovio has said is that new Angry Birds levels are on the way for Facebook, to brand a mere set of levels with its own branding seems like a bit much. While Angry Birds on Facebook has seen a dip in players since its launch, it's still doing quite well for itself among the top games on Facebook, according to AppData.

That said, it's understandable for Rovio to keep chipping away at the Facebook scene. And with super interesting features like embedding levels into friends' Timelines, we're sure the developer more up its sleeve than just more levels to play. Of course, either would be just fine at this point--is anyone starting to get the cold sweats?

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