Spellbound City 2 is a romantic (but basic) city-builder on Facebook


While most Facebook games focus more on pure gameplay and social mechanics rather than on an in-depth storyline, the story in Spellbound City 2 is a romantic, tragic tale of lost love that's actually fairly interesting. An evil wizard wished to tear a prince and princess apart from one another, but was only able to lock the prince away in stone, while the princess hid inside her Temple of Light. Infuriated by the princess's defiance, the wizard destroyed the kingdom, opening the way for monsters to take over the land.

In Spellbound City 2, it will be up to you to restore not only the Temple of Light, but to also reclaim the land from natural (and magical) overgrowth and fill it with the "People of the Light" once again. The game plays as a sort of magical city-builder, asking you to construct homes for the People of the Light before they can return to your kingdom, along with placing functional buildings that will give you a number of resources with which to continue repairing and growing your kingdom.

You may need to provide food to homes to keep your people fed, with these citizens then giving you Life Force in return. You'll earn coins from a restored temple, wood from a Wood Mill and so on, with various combinations of these items being required to build or start the operation of structures, decorate your land or even complete quests.


You'll be able to build as many structures in your kingdom as you'd like, but many are required to be connected to the temple via a roadway, which limits the amount of space you'll ultimately have to work with before expanding. This seems like an arbitrary addition that limits the gameplay more than it helps, but it can eventually be overcome with enough dedication (that is, you could eventually expand your land to such a size that a few extra road pieces wouldn't matter).

In terms of social features, the expected elements are here, including the ability to send your friends free gifts and visit your friends' kingdoms to perform five tasks per day and earn prizes (like coins) for yourself in the process. Unfortunately, any depth beyond that is really limited, which is what can be said about the entire game. Some animations move slowly and the game's graphics, while cute, don't seem very fresh. There are dozens of other city-builders, even those with a magical or fantasy-theme available to choose from already, so you might be better off sticking with those before trying out Spellbound City 2.

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