Hidden Chronicles Cheats & Tips: Use FastFind Boosts to get ahead


If you're tired of always finishing behind your friends in FastFind scenes in Hidden Chronicles (those that are activated by challenging your friends when you visit their Estates), you can now turn the tides "of war" by purchasing Boosts before playing each FastFind scene.

There are three different Boosts to purchase, each of which costs energy to "purchase." You can purchase a single Boost, regardless of the kind, for 3 energy in each FastFind challenge, while the second boost will cost 6 more energy. Needless to say, these are pretty expensive options, but they do perform pretty neat tricks.

Slow Mo Combo - Slows down the rate at which the Combo meter empties, giving you more time to find an additional hidden object before losing your point multiplier

Colossal Combos - Adds a +1 tally to your maximum multiplier combo allowed

Time Freeze - Freezes the clock for five seconds, allowing you to find a few more items before your time runs out

Again, as of right now, you'll only be able to activate up to two of these Boosts each time you play, but a third Boost slot is "coming soon." Stay tuned, as we'll make sure to let you know when you can start using all three Boosts in a single scene just as soon as we learn more.

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Will you purchase any of these FastFind Boosts with energy? Would you purchase them if you could "buy them" with simple coins? Sound off in the comments.