Hidden Chronicles: Complete six buildings for 4,400 Estate Points


When you're not spending time actually finding hidden objects in the many scenes of Hidden Chronicles on Facebook, your time is likely spent asking your friends to send you building materials for various buildings and decorations on your Estate. After all, it's with these items that you earn enough Estate Points to unlock more hidden object scenes and can continue playing. Even with the necessity of building these items, it can sometimes be difficult to earn all of the required items to actually complete them.

You're being given some added incentive to do just that however, as a free 10,000 coins and 4,400 Estate Points are up for grabs if you can complete six separate (but very specific) buildings within the game. As of this writing, you'll need to finish the following six buildings:

  • Cambodian Temple

  • Victorian Balloon

  • Crop Circle

  • Gatehouse

  • Observatory

  • Davinci's Flying Machine

Unfortunately, all six of these items require you to collect building parts, rather than asking your friends to come work as "staff" within them. This means that you'll have a lot of work ahead of you, but if you can finish all six within two weeks, you'll earn the above rewards, and will be able to tackle at least a few new scenes in your game from then on. Good luck!

Will you try to complete these six buildings to earn the "Estate Master's Reward?" Had you already finished some of them before this? Sound off in the comments.