Hidden Chronicles Dish Network Quest: Play for a free gift

It turns out that Zynga's promotional partnership with Dish Network doesn't end with just FarmVille, as Dish Network (and the Hopper kangaroo mascot) have also made an appearance in Hidden Chronicles via the "Dish Fast Find Quest."

This quest comes with three simple requirements:

  • Find Hopper 2 Times
  • Have 4,750 coins
  • Hide 5 Gifts on Neighbors' Estates

To be specific, Hopper can be found in the Spring Egg Hunt scene, which can be played when challenging your friends to a game of FastFind on their estates. Also, it looks as though you'll need to actually hide Secret Packages, rather than Gift Baskets for this to count.

As for finding Hopper, this is a complicated setup, and while he isn't hard to find (he's on a banner on the porch of the house), you can't simply play the scene just twice and hope to click on Hopper to finish it off. You'll need to wait for the word "Hopper" to appear as one of the hidden objects that you're asked to find before being able to actually click on him. Needless to say, depending on your luck and overall skill level with quickly finding items in this scene, you might have to visit quite a few friends before you can actually finish it off. Once you do, however, you'll receive a free Armillary Sphere for your Estate.

Again, actually finishing off this quest could be a bit more time consuming than you might initially anticipate, but if you keep playing these FastFind scenes with your friends, you'll eventually come out on top! Good luck!

Have you finished this Dish Network quest in Hidden Chronicles? What do you think of the free prize you were given for all of your hard work? Sound off in the comments.
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