Game of Thrones Ascent to land hopefully before winter comes

Game of Thrones Ascent
Game of Thrones Ascent

Of course, winter is always just around the bend in the land of Westeros. But in the real world, another Game of Thrones social game will beat the winter to Facebook, known as Game of Thrones Ascent. (Lost on the puns? Watch the dang show already--it's that good.) Now, 50 Cent's Blackjack maker Disruptor Beam has teamed up with HBO for the project.

In Game of Thrones Ascent, players become a noble of one of the seven kingdoms of Westeros while building up their own home base. Ascent will focus on strategy and resource management (and story), with players able to send various agents out on quests. Like any good Game of Thrones Facebook game should, Ascent will allow players to form alliances to come out on top in a player versus player system.

The HBO fantasy drama is a hit, no doubt, but the second season will likely end before Ascent makes it live--ahem--into open beta. The first social game based on Game of Thrones is long gone, so here's to hoping this one will have a bit more longevity. The Boston-based social games maker has released Ascent into a closed beta test that players can sign up for right here.

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