Fruit Ninja celebrates two years with pudgy ninjas, pigs and power-ups

Fruit Ninja update
Fruit Ninja update

We'd say it's hard to believe that Fruit Ninja is two years old, but the mobile game is basically at an Angry Birds level in terms of ubiquity. Developer Halfbrick looks to celebrate the strawberry slicer's anniversary with a fresh update, and an interesting one at that. It looks like the studio has learned a thing or two from Jetpack Joyride's success since free-to-play, if you catch our drift.

If you don't, what we mean is currency, or as it will be known in Fruit Ninja: Starfruits. In the new-and-improved Fruit Ninja that's expected to launch this week, players will get to purchase new power-ups from Gutsu and Truffles, his trusty little piggy. Only Starfuits will be able to buy boosts like the ability to swat away bombs, add additional time and blow up berries, according to TouchArcade.

The shiny new Fruit Ninja is slated to be available on May 24 in a free update, and it's exactly updates like these that has kept Fruit Ninja in the limelight for so long. If Halfbrick wants to keep it there, it will surely have to churn out new content and features, so don't expect things to slow down any time soon. Gallagher would be so proud.

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