Crash Mayhem is your free version of Burnout Crash on iOS


Last fall, we brought you a detailed preview of Burnout Crash on iOS, a game that was supposed to launch before year's end, but didn't actually release until the middle of April 2012. Whether or not the game is anything like we expected doesn't cover up the fact that it costs $5 to download. But what if you want to cause massive vehicle explosions on your iPhone or iPad for free? That's simple - you download Crash Mayhem instead.

Crash Mayhem is more or less a clone of Burnout Crash, giving you a level based gameplay format, with each level having a few goals to complete in terms of destruction. You might be asked to cause a certain number of points of damage in one level, while destroying a certain number of street lights in another, as examples. You'll control your car's movement by simply tapping and dragging on your device's screen, with the ultimate goal being to drive your car into a crowded intersection and cause a multi-car pileup. There's more strategy here than you might initially anticipate, as it's possible to crash your car before you hit a crowded section of the roadway, and you'll therefore have trouble reaching the required number of points required to move on.

Regardless of when you begin to actually crash your car, you'll then be able to control its movement (that is, the movement of the damaged remains) by tilting your device appropriately, and hopefully sending it into more cars!


For all of the fun that can be had from causing countless explosions, Crash Mayhem does come with a few problems. For one, the gameplay often lags when ads appear or transition at the top or bottom of the screen (of course, the ads keep the game free), and the graphics could definitely be improved. If we're comparing Crash Mayhem to Burnout Crash, the latter would easily win in graphical polish, but the simple fact that Crash Mayhem is free (while Burnout Crash isn't) makes most of its issues excusable, even if for only a short while. That being said, you can pay to remove the ads in Crash Mayhem, which would in theory eliminate much of the lag, and that purchase still makes the game cheaper than Burnout Crash overall.

If you have a few minutes to spare, and patience when it comes to game loading times, why not take out your real world aggressions and road rage on the fake cars of Crash Mayhem?

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