Adventure World Tibetan Tool Yurt: Everything you need to know


If you're tired of slogging along through Adventure World's Tibetan expeditions with some lousy tools (like a metal detector, wrench or canteen), you can now upgrade these items (and more) via the new Tibetan Tool Yurt that you're encouraged to place on your Base Camp.

Once placed, you'll be able to start the upgrade process on your tools, but you'll need to collect building materials to do it. For instance, to upgrade your metal detector, you might need to collect three pieces of Magnetic Wiring, three Noisy Beepers and five pieces of Knot Glyphs. Both the Magnetic Wiring and Noisy Beepers would come from requests for your neighbors to help, while the Knot Glyphs come from actually playing in Tibetan expeditions, as they're earned along the way.

All four Tibetan tools can be upgrades to level 4 as of this writing, but each upgrade to each individual level is a separate process, therefore taking you quite a bit of time to actually complete. Still, upgrade levels 5 and 6 are being hinted at for a future release, so make sure to upgrade these tools as much as you can now to not get left behind later.

[Via and image credit Zynga]

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