Dragon Age: Legends will be no more on June 18


Unfortunately, we can't say we didn't see this coming. Dragon Age: Legends experienced the briefest of successes on Facebook after EA launched the game back in Spring of 2011, but quickly fell in popularity, resting now at just 110,000 monthly average users (according to AppData). It comes as no surprise then that EA has announced the termination of the game on the game's official website.

The folks at EA were quick to state that this closure "is by no means a reflection on the quality of the game," but there clearly weren't enough players that felt the same way to justify a continuation in hosting the game's servers. The game's store has already been turned off, stopping all purchases of Crowns within the game, and a sale has started on all items in the store if you happen to still care enough to spend any of the Crowns you may have purchased previously. On June 18, the game will then be shut down entirely on both Facebook and Google+ Games.

Unfortunately, Crowns that aren't spent before the game's closure won't be transferred to any other EA or BioWare offerings, but if you've played Dragon Age: Legends within the last three months, you will be eligible for a free promo pack in Age of Champions containing a themed weapon, an exclusive army unit, in-game currency and a profile medal showing off your dedication to the former.

Where a bright spot shines in this story is in the launch of a free, downloadable version of Dragon Age: Legends that will be available after the current games (on both platforms) shut down. This will allow you to continue playing the game, albeit in a much more limited (and obviously single-player) setting.

[Via Inside Social Games]

Are you sad to see Dragon Age: Legends go, or did you only play the game long enough to reward yourself in the console games? Sound off in the comments.