FarmVille Fishing Hole: Everything you need to know

While I'd guess most FarmVille players aren't suffering from a lack of Special Delivery Boxes, if you do happen to run through yours just as fast as your friends can then them to you, you can now build the new upgradeable Fishing Hole on one of your farms. This Fishing Hole, once built and upgraded, will allow you to collect from it daily in order to earn free Special Delivery Boxes.

The first stage of the Fishing Hole (there are four stages in all) requires 34 parts: 10 Lures and 12 each of Fishing Poles and Lily Pads. You can collect these by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them outright with Farm Cash. Once you've finished this first stage, the Fishing Hole will technically be functional, allowing you to collect just a single Special Delivery Box each time you collect from it. As you continue to upgrade the Fishing Hole with additional building materials, your payouts will increase, as seen below.

  • Level 1: 1 Special Delivery Box

  • Level 2: 2 Special Delivery Boxes

  • Level 3: 3 Special Delivery Boxes

  • Level 4: 6 Special Delivery Boxes

As you can see, there's definitely great incentive to eventually upgrade your Fishing Hole, as those six Special Delivery Boxes per collection will allow you to complete the upgrades on any number of structures around your farms - even those on other farms, as you can wait until you travel to another farm before actually opening the Special Delivery Box. That's pretty great, right?

Well, what do you think of this Fishing Hole in FarmVille? Do you always have a supply of Special Delivery Boxes on hand or will you really put this Fishing Hole to good use? Sound off in the comments.