CityVille Taxis: Everything you need to know


A third form of transportation has launched in CityVille, taking after the subway system and bus station: Taxis. However, unlike its predecessors, the Taxi Stand has a function of allowing you to collect profits from your businesses without using energy, rather than allowing you to make a business pay out its profits more efficiently. You'll need to reach at least level 25 before being able to build your Taxi Stand, and you can place it in Downtown or in your main city (note: the building itself comes with no stats).

Once you place the Taxi Stand, you'll need to build it using parts you can earn from general news posts on our wall or individual requests sent to friends, as seen below.

  • 6 Taxi Licenses

  • 6 Glass Dividers

  • 6 CB Radios

  • 6 Fare Meters

  • 6 Taxi Rooftop Signs

Once this is complete, you'll start to see taxis spawn at random in your city as you play (similar to how other cars will appear on your streets). When you see a taxi, you'll be able to click on it and will then see all available businesses that can be collected from highlighted in your city. Simply click on one of those businesses and your profits will be collected by the taxi at a cost of no energy to you. To be clear, you'll still receive the same amount of profits as you would normally, you just won't have to spend any energy in actually doing so.

At one level, you'll be able to use the Taxi Stand to collect from businesses up to three times per day. You can also upgrade the Taxi Stand to allow you to collect from up to five businesses a day (or perhaps more in the future) by gathering a similar set of items as above, but in larger amounts. Ultimately, just how much time you dedicate to the Taxi Stand feature will be up to whether or not you'd like to save just five energy per day by spotting these taxis in the wild. If you're perfectly fine spending energy on collecting your business profits, feel free to ignore this feature entirely.

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Will you build a Taxi Stand in your CityVille town, or do you think the land space the Taxi Stand takes up isn't worth its ultimate function? Sound off in the comments.