CityVille Taxi Stand Goals: Everything you need to know


With this week's launch of the Taxi Stand system in CityVille, that allows you to send taxis to businesses to collect their profits without using energy, we've also seen the release of a new goal series in the game that will introduce you to the feature and reward you with some fun prizes along the way. There are only three goals to complete in all, but some might take you quite a while to actually complete. Here's a guide to finishing them all!

Take the Wheel

  • Place and Complete Taxi Stand

  • Get 12 Taxi Receipts

  • Use Taxis to instant collect from a business

Again, you can check out our full guide to building the Taxi Stand for a refresher on how all of this works. When you complete this goal, you'll receive a "Hailing Taxi" decoration.

Upgrade the Dispatch

  • Upgrade Taxi Stand to Level 2

  • Instantly Collect from 12 Businesses

  • Get 40 Taxi Receipts

As you are limited to the number of businesses you can collect from (with a taxi) per day, this goal will likely take you a few days to complete. Along the way, you'll be able to earn the Taxi Receipts by either asking your friends to send them to you or by receiving them at random when collecting from the Gas Station(s) in your town. You'll receive a Taxi Stand decoration (not to be confused with the functional, upgradeable Taxi Stand) when you complete this goal. It comes with a 5% payout bonus.

Let's Shift Gears

  • Upgrade Taxi Stand to Level 3

  • Instant Collect from 24 Businesses

  • Harvest 18 Corn

For completing this final goal, you'll earn 100 XP, which is decidedly less exciting than limited edition decorations. Still, these goals are more time consuming than difficult, so why not give them your best to complete them? Good luck in doing just that!

[Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of these Taxi Stand goals? Will you complete all three, or just the first two to receive their limited edition rewards? Sound off in the comments.