Live Chat: Facebook's First Day on the Market


It's here! The day investors and fans have been looking forward to for what seems like years. As of this morning, social-networking giant Facebook (NAS: FB) is officially changing hands on public exchanges. What's gotten lost amid all the hoopla is one very simple question: What should the everyday investor make of this seemingly monumental event?

To help clear up any questions you might have regarding mighty Facebook or anything else, we corralled some of our technology writers and analysts to field your questions in our Facebook IPO Day 1 Chat.

A few ground rules:

  • We are not permitted to provide personalized financial advice.

  • We may not be able to answer every question.

  • We may have ownership interests in some of the stocks discussed in the live chat. To see the stocks our analysts own, check out their Fool profiles.

To get in on the action, join the chat now:

We all know about Facebook's improbable rise into its now-dominant self. And as the social-media landscape continues to evolve, expect more upstarts to burst onto the scene as well. In fact, our senior technology analyst thinks he's already spotted one stock whose promise might exceed even that of Facebook. If you want to learn more about this tremendous growth opportunity, access the free research report today.

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