FarmVille Prodigious Prairie Land Expansion available now for Farm Cash


Is your Home Farm, in all of its 36x36 glory still not big enough? If your answer is a resounding NO (and you happen to have a lot of Farm Cash to spend), you can now expand to the 38x38 land expansion, which has just been released in the store this week.

The "Prodigious Prairie" land expansion will add that extra virtual square footage to your farm at a price of 205 Farm Cash. Before you gasp with sticker shock, that's the current Farm Cash price of the 36x36 land expansion (the Amazing Acreage expansion) as well, so it's not like we're seeing an increase in the price. Still, 205 Farm Cash equates to almost $40 US, if you purchase Farm Cash at its full price (that is, when it's not on sale). Is that price worth a few extra squares on your Home Farm? We'll leave that up to you to decide.

Whatever the case, we'll make sure to keep an eye on this expansion (and all others in the game) and will let you know when you can get your hands on it (them) for coins. Stay tuned!

Will you throw down over 200 Farm Cash for a single land expansion in FarmVille? What's the most Farm Cash that you would be willing to spend? Sound off in the comments.