CastleVille Abandoned Dragon Cave Quests: Everything you need to know


Many high-level CastleVille players have been begging for additional land space within which to expand their Kingdoms, and that chance is finally here as the game's board has been expanded to offer plenty of additional square expansion spaces that you'll be able to unlock over time. The first few squares are covered in magical stones and a massive skull dragon cave, bringing with them a new quest set called the "Abandoned Dragon Cave." There are nine quests in this series altogether, but the amount of debris on these new land expansions will give you plenty to work on long after you've finished the quests.

Sense and Sensibility

  • Feed 2 Animals

  • Tend 1 Flower

  • Have 3 Stones

Rewards: 1,000 coins and 20 XP

Northward Bound

  • Explore Gloom north of your Kingdom

  • Go fishing

  • Tax 2 Houses

To expand into this Gloomy area, you'll only need two Crystals and a few thousand coins, making it accessible to most every player, regardless of level. You'll earn another 1,000 coins and 20 XP for completing this one.

Rifting Scepters

  • Have 3 Jeweled Goblets

  • Craft 1 Rifting Scepter

  • Remove 1 Amythite Rock

Just as the Lamont feature introduced items wrapped in vines that needed to be cleansed one by one, so too does this feature introduce items wrapped with or otherwise made of Amythite and Mythium, too magical substances. You'll need to craft Rifting Scepters in bulk in order to clear each individual item, with each Scepter requiring four pieces of Amber, a Dragon Tooth, two Coal and five Beeswax to craft within your Studio. You'll earn 1,500 coins and 30 XP for completing this quest.

How Convenient

  • Move Faugrimm's Scepter Parts Machine

  • Visit 1 Neighbor

  • Have 1 Iron Bar

The Faugrimm's Scepter Parts Machine is a broken item that's found in your new expansion. You'll earn 1,500 coins and 30 XP when you finish this quest.

Into the Gloom

  • Craft 4 Rifting Scepters

  • Explore the Gloom

  • Have 5 Wheelbarrows

The Wheelbarrows are earned via a general news item posted on your wall. When you complete this quest, you'll walk away with a Gold Dragon Statue, 1,500 coins and 30XP.

Bump in the Road

  • Clear 4 Amythite Rocks

  • Remove 3 Amythite Trees

  • Craft 3 Hammers

Rewards: 1,750 coins and 35 XP

Shrouded in Mystery

  • Click on the Dragon Cave

  • Collect 5 Mythium

  • Explore Dragon Cave two times

To actually explore the Dragon Cave, you'll need to spend Mythium. You'll receive 1,500 coins and 30 XP.

Into the Depths

  • Search the Dragon Cave 4 Times

  • Craft 4 Candles

  • Finish Faugrimm's Scepter Parts Machine

The Faugrimm's Scepter Parts Machine requires four Iron Bars, two Anvils, eight Chisels and five Gyoscopes to complete. The Gyroscopes are earned by posting a general news item on your wall. For completing this quest, you'll earn 1,750 coins and 35 XP.

Riches Galore

  • Use Faugrimm's Scepter Parts Machine Twice

  • Find 2 Decorations in the Dragon Cave

  • Rescue 2 Animals from the Dragon Cave

You'll earn a Dragon Treasure Chest, 1,750 coins and 35 XP for finishing this quest. It should be pointed out that you will be able to move the Dragon Cave once you finish this quest series, and if you happen to run out of Mythium along the way, you can earn more by purchasing Amythite Rocks from the market, or by banishing Gloom Dragons in your Kingdom. Good luck finishing off all of these quests!

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What do you think of these Abandoned Dragon Cave quests and the addition of all of this new land space to the CastleVille game board? Sound off in the comments!