Battleship Jackpot Command lands a hit on Lucky Gem Casino

Battleship Jackpot Commander
Battleship Jackpot Commander

Monopoly plus slot machines was one thing, but naval warfare plus slots? You have our attention, PopCap. The developer's newest Facebook game, Lucky Gem Casino, has taken on Hasbro's hit game franchise, Battleship, for its newest digital slots. To coincide with the debut of the upcoming film of the same name, Battleship Jackpot Command has arrived.

Players Level 11 and higher can access the brand new slots game, which at first glance is nothing more than a Battleship-themed digital slot machine. However, when players spin the reels, they'll have a chance at destroying their friends' ships and creating new ones by matching like symbols of aircraft carriers, battleships, submarines and destroyers.

And if players are so unlucky as to come across mines and depth charges in their reels, they'll stand to lose some coins. The game also has an interesting social component in Gunners. Players can enlist their favorite Facebook friends as Gunners, which allow you to take extra shots at enemy ships during the bonus game and reward them with bonus coins.

Finally, when players manage to sink a ship, they'll score a huge jackpot and get to brag to their friends. Now at least Liam Neeson can take some of the weight off his shoulders from carrying this movie--zing.

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