The Sims Social 'Fun in the Sun' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Swimming Pool
The Sims Social Swimming Pool

Now that you have a nifty in-ground pool for your Vacation Home in The Sims Social, it's time to make the best of it. That's what this week's theme in Playfish's social game is all about as well as this week's quest, "Fun in the Sun." This five part quest is basically a tour of all the things you can do with the new additions to your pool. That said, it's not terribly difficult.

Regardless, we're here to tell you everything you need to know and how to finish this quest--and fast. For starters, you'll need at least seven friends, eight Relaxation, six Dreams, six Nightcap, six Soft Pillows, 12 Leftovers and 1,000 Social Points. Now that you're somewhat prepared, here's how to finish this quest fast:

Fun in the Sun Part 1

  • Play with Beach Ball

  • Play on Water Slide

  • Have Swimming Race with Friend

All three of these tasks can be completed in Bella's Beach House. So, visit Bella's Beach House, head to her pool and click on her Beach Ball to choose the "Play" option. Then, click on her pool and choose the "Play on Waterslide" option. Finally, click on the pool again to have a swimming race with her.

Fun in the Sun Part 2

  • Beat Bella's Personal Best

  • Tell Sim's about Swimming Technique

  • Have One Friend Rate your Diving

Still in Bella's house, click on her pool and choose the "Go For PB" option first--this must be done three times to complete this task. Then, visit three friends, click on their Sims and choose the "Tell About Your Diving Technique" option. For this last task, at least one friend has to click on the News Feed that the quest posts. (Comment on your own post to increase its visibility.)

The Sims Social Fun in the Sun
The Sims Social Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun Part 3

  • Relax on Raft

  • Have 8 Relaxation

  • Craft Good Nights Sleep

It's time to return to Bella's Beach House and choose the "Relax" option five times when clicking on her pool. Actions like watching TV or or relaxing in your pool will generate the Relaxation you need. Lastly, craft six Good Nights Sleep from your Crafting Menu. Each Good Nights Sleep requires one Nightcap, Soft Pillow and Dreams to create. Dreams come from putting your Sim to sleep, as do Nightcaps and Soft Pillows.

Fun in the Sun Part 4

  • Have 12 Leftovers

  • Harvest 8 Chili

  • Listen to Weather Report on Radio

The Sims Social Changing Hut
The Sims Social Changing Hut

Eating things in the Fridge or Microwave can create Leftovers. Harvesting eight Chilies will take at least 16 hours and cost 120 Simoleons--this should be started immediately. Click on a radio in your Sim's house and choose the "Listen To Weather Report" option five times to finish this quest.

Fun in the Sun Part 5

  • Have An AquaSim AquaLung

  • Go Scuba Diving in Pool

  • Tell Friends about Adventures in Bella's Pool

The AquaSim AquaLung costs 1000 Social Points in the Clothing menu slash store. While wearing the AquaLung, visit Bella's Beach House, click on her pool and choose the "Scuba Diving" option. Finally, post the News Feed to your Wall that the quest provides, and ask seven friends to click on it. Again, commenting on your own posts increases their visibility.

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