Game of the Day: Steambirds

steambirds game of the day
Today's Game of the Day is Spry Fox's top down aerial combat simulator: Steambirds. In Steambirds you'll manage a squadron of aircraft and take on growing numbers of enemies. You'll engage in epic boss fights, strategically use special abilities, and cause tons of flashy explosions. Each turn you plan each plane's next move and whether they'll use any power ups. Then when you hit "End Turn", your planes snap into action, executing their orders. Don't worry about shooting, your planes will fire automatically once they're close enough to the enemy.

I love Steambirds and so should you. The game can be played at any pace, perfect for online gamers like myself who get distracted easily. Plus it is easy enough to play casually, but towards the later levels, it delivers a satisfying challenge. Plus, who doesn't love WWII-era aerial combat and explosions. Definitely check out Steambirds below.

Play Steambirds!
steambirds game of the daysteambirds game of the day
How far were you able to get in Steambirds?
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