Bejeweled HD for iPad makes gem genocide somehow even shinier

Bejeweled HD
Bejeweled HD

Your days of pummeling pixelated prisms are over. (And so is our love for alliteration ... for now.) PopCap Games has released an HD version of its flagship puzzle game, Bejeweled, for iPad. Titled simply "Bejeweled HD," the game is exactly the same as what the studio released for iPhone a few months back, but with far flashier graphics and a way heftier price tag of $3.99.

Just like its smaller counterpart, Bejeweled HD offers Butterflies, Diamond Mine, Classic and Zen play modes for players to destroy the colored diamonds in Retina display grandeur. Of course, Game Center is ever present in this version of the game, as are Badges and all the glitzy power gems you've come to love in the series.

This seems to be publisher and PopCap owner EA's modus operandi as of late: tear down existing, super popular iOS games and replace them with undoubtedly better, handsomer versions at an additional cost. Think of it what you will, but since consumers vote with their wallets, don't expect this practice to go anywhere any time soon. But hey, Bejeweled in HD!

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