Zoo Invasion, or the cutest puzzler you'll ever play on Facebook

Zoo Invasion
Zoo Invasion

If there's one way to describe Nexon's most popular games, it's "cute". The latest from the Korean games maker (and publisher 6waves) all but takes the cake: Zoo Invasion. A brand new puzzler for Facebook, Zoo Invasion is an interesting variant on the ever-popular Tetris that employs the Blitz-style of gameplay popularized on Facebook by Bejeweled Blitz.

In Zoo Invasion, you play an adorable, blob-like yellow alien that abducts various mammals conveniently condensed into little cutes for such a puzzle game. Using the mouse, players pick up the cubes and rearrange them in order to make matches and for them to disappear. Think of Zoo Invasion as Tetris meets Bejeweled meets Hello Kitty, and you're about on the same page.

Of course, the game features friend-based leaderboards and a heart system that refills over time to control how often players can play the game. And like any good match-three game, power-ups are on the way. This release comes hot off the heels of KartRider Dash, the Facebook version of one of the developer's hottest franchises. If you don't come away from Zoo Invasion with at least one dawww, then you just don't know what "cute" is.

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