Webkinz hopes to find more friends on Facebook with new game

Webkinz Friends
Just when you though Facebook games couldn't get any cuter. Webkinz, the Internet-connected plush toy brand for kids, has made the leap to Facebook gaming with Webkinz Friends. This simulator-style social game allows players to build out their very own version of Kinzville, the town in which the digital version of the kids' fluffy friends dwell.

Kids and adults (fat chance) alike can flesh out their Kinzville with homes, stores, gardens, restaurants and none other than the Clubhouse. More importantly is the fact that fans can register their real-life Webkinz toys for prizes specific to the pets they register along with their choice of either bonus KinzCash, the game's paid currency, or an additional room for their home.
Webkinz Friends on Facebook
These special prizes for registering various Webkinz toys extend to the online headquarters of Webkinz, Webkinz World. At this point you're likely wondering, "But Webkinz is already a web-based toy. Why the Facebook game?" Well, my inquisitive, hypothetical friend, Webkinz creator Ganz already has an answer to that question.

"When imagining Webkinz Friends, we looked at the areas of our site that could be fun if shared" Webkinz creative director Karl Borst said in a release. "Live in a loft surrounded by cupcake trees...park mobile homes beside a mansion! Visit your friends' Kinzville and comment on their Facebook page." (Plus, there already seems to be enough kids on Facebook whether it's allowed or not.)

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