Neighbor Nabs 'Contractors' Breaking Into Vacant House

fake contractors
fake contractors

It's bad enough to be spotted by the nextdoor neighbor when you're trying to break into a house. It's even worse when the next-door neighbor is a cop.

That's what happened to a pair of purported contractors in Dacula, Ga. An off-duty police officer noticed the couple trying to jimmy open the front door of the vacant house next door, so he grabbed his badge and gun and went over to confront them.

The couple, Heather Farmer, 30, and Paul Hornsby, 41, (pictured above) claimed that they worked for a bank and a property preservation company, and were at the home on official business. But they couldn't produce work orders, and police didn't buy it when a man claiming to be their employer vouched for their presence in the home.

The pair was arrested, and that's when their troubles really began.

Read more about it on Dacula Patch.

The homeowner was lucky; he lived next to a vigilant off-duty cop. For everyone else, there are home-security measures you can take to help prevent break-ins. Check out some of our handy home security guides:

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