Game of the Day: Lost Island Mahjongg


What most of us know as 'mahjong' isn't the same kind of game that gets old Chinese ladies excited. The one played on tables is actually closer to rummy, while the ones we find online are better described as "mahjongg Solitaire". These can trace their digital lineage to Brodie Lockard's Mah-Jongg from 1981. Today's Game of the Day, Lost Island Mahjongg, is one such descendant.

With their massive visual arrangements, these games can seem complicated and daunting to new players, but they're actually no harder than a memory-matching game. Lost Island Mahjongg even features an undo button, five hints, and the ability to reshuffle or restart if you run out of matches. Each iteration of the genre may look different, but the core gameplay remains the same. If you want to see a beautifully rendered version with some special player perks, then Lost Island Mahjongg is a good start.

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