FarmVille Wildlife Adventure Countdown: Everything you need to know

Just as soon as the Mother's Day Countdown in FarmVille has a chance to end, we're greeted with yet another Countdown full of 12 days of prizes! This one might not be as exciting as those released previously, but it does come with tons of wildlife themed items (especially animals) and it's called - you guessed it - the Wildlife Adventure Countdown.

As with other Countdowns in FarmVille, you'll need to ask your friends to send you increasingly large amounts of collectibles each day of the 12-day countdown period, and will receive one prize each day when you've earned the necessary items. We already know the prizes for Days 1 and 2: a Grey Wolf and Douc Langur Monkey, but FVNation has found the contents of the rest of the Countdown, along with the ultimate prize you'll receive at the end:

  • Day 1: Grey Wolf

  • Day 2: Duoc Langur Monkey

  • Day 3: Dancing Cobra

  • Day 4: Cypress Sculpted Tree

  • Day 5: Javan Hawk Eagle

  • Day 6: Black Rhino

  • Day 7: Peregrine Falcon

  • Day 8: Red Cassia Tree

  • Day 9: Caraboo

  • Day 10: Jungle Fowl

  • Day 11: Merlion Fountain

  • Day 12: Canopy Elephant

If you can earn each of these 12 prizes (you can also purchase these items with Farm Cash), you'll receive a free Ankole Watusie Cattle as a final prize. If these Countdowns turn out to be a permanent fixture in FarmVille, with new prizes being released every 2-3 weeks, I can definitely see plenty of farmers coming being very happy with Zynga. We'll make sure to let you know if that ends up being the case.

What do you think of the prizes in this Wildlife Adventure Countdown? Which prize are you most looking forward to winning? Sound off in the comments.