FarmVille Leaderboards: Everything you need to know


If you're looking for a way to earn some valuable boosts while also showing off in front of your friends in FarmVille, the new Leaderboard feature just might be for you. Either way, this new feature is available to all players, and it will see a series of timed quests being released to the game with a very simple, repetitive task(s).

In our first quest, the "Rainbow Harvest Fest," we're asked to simply grow and harvest as many of the new Rainbow crop as we can over the next seven days. This Rainbow Crop costs 10 coins to plant and is available to harvest after a full day of growth. You'll receive 150 coins for each square that you harvest, along with 3 XP for each square.

As you and your network of FarmVille neighbors start to harvest these Rainbow crops, you'll see your own score compared to that of your friends. If you reach certain score markers, you'll be eligible for some pretty nice prizes:

  • 1,000 points: Fertilize All

  • 3,000 points: 3 Unwithers

  • 6,000 points: 2 Instant Grows

At the end of the week, the players in your own network with the three highest scores will walk away with additional prizes. The top prize is a Book of XP, while second and third place will win 200 and 50 XP each, respectively.

Each week, new and different quests will be released, which may come with different rewards along the way. This is an ongoing feature that doesn't look to have an ending as of this writing, so make sure to set some time out each week on at least one farm to try and earn the week's prizes that are up for grabs. Good luck!

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