Game of the Day: Crazy Go Nuts

Crazy Go Nuts
Crazy Go Nuts

Squirrels have taken over today's Game of the Day, Crazy Go Nuts, an easy physics puzzle game that's all about angles and an itchy trigger finger. Twenty-five levels offer an impressive amount of acorns to collect. Your rocket-propelled squirrels will catch an acorn each time a squirrel and a nut collide, but don't forget, the nuts are still pretty solid, so as soon as you snatch one, the squirrel will ricochet right back.

Each level starts off with you shooting one squirrel at a time. When the screen is nearly clear of nuts, "Rapid Fire Mode!" kicks in, granting you unlimited squirrel ammo. Use that ability to catch the last nuts that have eluded you, but keep in mind that the real trick is to reach the target score. If you don't get combo nut collections, you might not have enough points to beat the stage. Are you ready to go nuts? Then check out Crazy Go Nutsbelow!

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