Francesca Holding's CFO Fired For Loose Lips In Social Media

Gene Morphis
Gene Morphis

Gene Morphis was active in social media and forged a frank, sassy persona online despite, at 62, not fitting the stereotype of a Facebook user. While working as the chief financial officer at Francesca Holdings, a boutique women's clothing and accessories company, Morphis recently posted the following update on his public Facebook page: "young women in [the] office dressed alike with red lipstick ... look like the clone girls in the Robert Palmer video, [Addicted to Love]."

The post received five "likes," and positive comments from eight of his 107 friends, including a post saying, "Too Funny!"

But the chairman of the board of the Houston-based company, Greg Brenneman, apparently was not as amused by Morphis' social media banter. On Monday, the company announced that Morphis (pictured at left) was fired over the weekend, after an internal review of his social media accounts was completed.