Drink Up Savings From Your Water Filter

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When it comes to saving money on fresh-tasting water, large capacity pitcher filters are a popular option, but are you pouring your money down the drain by using them?

Seychelle makes a pitcher filter that offers good value compared to its competitors. At a retail price of $56, it has a higher up-front cost than other brands, but is equipped with a long-lasting filter. Seychelle's pitcher can process 150 gallon of water, and the replacement filters cost $30 each. However, the downside is that the pitcher holds less than a gallon of filtered water and can take up to 10 minutes to fill. It also takes up valuable refrigerator space.

Another option is a faucet filter, which attaches right to the bottom of your faucet. Culligan makes a model that's priced at $20, which can process 200 gallons of water. Its replacements are only $6, and it comes with a shut off valve, which will help preserve the life of your filter. If hot water passes through, it can damage the filter, moving up your replacement time.
So, if you're weighing your water filter options, go with a faucet filter. It costs less up front and far less to replace over time. Plus, you won't have to make room for it in your fridge. We'll drink to that.
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