3 Ways To Handle The Project From Hell

Laura Vanderkam
time management projects work
time management projects work

One of my favorite time management tips is to block various activities into my schedule, knowing exactly how long they will take. Almost all recurring events in life can be estimated fairly well.

Traffic seems like a force of nature, yet long distance bus lines still manage to estimate their arrivals, based on the time of day.

If I've done the basic research for a column, I can usually crank out the draft in 2 to 3 hours. What's the basic research? Well, 4 to 5, 20- to 30-minute interviews should usually do. If I send 6 to 7 emails, I can get 4 to 5 people to respond. Nine out of 10 weekdays, I can crank out a blog post between the time my sitter shows up (8 a.m.) and when I stop to say goodbye to the kids leaving for school (8:45).