Tap Dragon Park: Defeat an evil troll army Pokemon style

While Pokemon clones are nothing new, finding a mobile game inspired by an elemental battle system that's exclusive to Android is still a rare thing. In comes Tap Dragon Park from Pocket Gems, the makers of Tap Zoo, Tap Pet Shop and many other games in its "Tap" franchise. Tap Dragon Park places you in the role of a king (or queen), tasked with protecting your kingdom's treasure by raising an army of dragons that will battle increasingly difficult waves of trolls.

Combining a bit of city-building with the elemental battle system, you'll need to give each individual dragon a home in your kingdom, and can place decorations or other functional items in between these habitats to give your kingdom some additional flair. Each dragon pays out various amounts of profits over time, but their primary purpose is to of course slay enemies. Baddies will randomly appear in your kingdom, allowing you to assign up to three dragons to your army before taking to combat.

Each battle is an incredibly simple affair, requiring you to do little more than memorize a cycle of elemental bonuses: earth beats water, water beats fire and fire beats earth. Each dragon has its own element, so you'll simply tap to assign the proper elemental dragon to each round of the battle. From there, the game boils down to little more than stat comparison, with the two main points of contention being the elemental comparison and the overall level of each creature or dragon. If you wind up comparing your dragon with a creature of equal level and element, a random battle bonus is assigned to either you or your opponent, deciding the outcome. It's unfortunate that these battles are so mindless, as the rest of the gameplay is equally limited.


Dragons can be upgraded or "trained" to become stronger over time, and dragons will often become tired after battle, forcing you to wait a few minutes or hours before using them in combat again. There's a simplistic quest system in place here, challenging you to purchase specific kinds of dragons, defeat certain foes and so on, but these gameplay elements definitely aren't new in the world of mobile games. Still, the game is technically free to play (although premium currency is available for purchase), and runs smoothly, so if you're an Android-only mobile gamer, it might be worth taking a look.

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