Here's what happens when KartRider Dash darts onto Facebook

KartRider Dash
You get the first real-time multiplayer kart racer on a social network. (Well, at least the first with a chance at making it.) Nexon has released KartRider Dash on Facebook for all to play. The Facebook version of the developer's ongoing go kart series is now in open beta testing, otherwise known as "live".

This is essentially a social extension of Nexon's latest release in the online racer series for mobile devices, KartRider Rush. In KartRider Dash, players go head-to-head with their friends and random opponents (thanks to a matchmaking system) in races across numerous tracks in four different game modes: item, speed, team and single modes.
KartRider Dash
Being a social game (SNG), Nexon has optimized KartRider Dash with features like friend invitations, gifting and weekly leader boards. That said, the developer has also considered the time (and dedication) limited Facebook gaming masses, speeding up the in-game booster gauge and making attack items easier to control.

"KartRider Dash will raise the level of SNGs with its exciting and competitive gameplay," Nexon Korea New Development Department head Seung chan Lee said in a release. "KartRider is a great game franchise and we believe this game will provide social gamers a similar look-and-feel that the original delivered."

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