Garfield's first Facebook game is not at all what you'd expect

Garfield Stars Pax
Garfield Stars Pax

It's a card game, actually. Social game maker Dassa Games and virtual goods service provider Virtual Greats have announced Garfield Stars Pax, a collectible card game on Facebook featuring none other than everyone's favorite fat cat. In the social game, players will battle in what's basically War with a few twists using cards emblazoned with Garfield, Odie, Jon and more.

Players will get to strategize more than you would in a standard game of War by matching a grouping cards differently. And unlike War, the cards in Garfield Star Pax will be upgradeable and open for personalization. So, yes, it's just like War, but blown out to fit the oodles of features that social gamers crave.

And Garfield is just the first of many brands that Dassa looks to bring under the Stars Pax label. Stars Pax will later be a Facebook game for several brands and properties. Just slap a few characters' faces on a deck of cards and--boom--you got a social game. Well, at least that's what the idea sounds like. We'll see what it looks like soon enough.

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