FarmVille Mystery Game (05/13/12): Let's go to the beach!


We're heading back to the tropics in FarmVille this week, as the game's Mystery Game has been updated with a new set of Hawaiian Paradise items, including a Unicorn (so heads up all horse / unicorn collectors). It looks like we'll all receive a free dart to throw at this board this week, but after you've run out of your free pops, you can purchase additional darts for 16 Farm Cash each. That's actually surprising, as the Unicorn alone tends to make the price tag a bit higher.

Either way, here are the items you can win this week, according to FarmVille Freak.

Double Waterfall
Fire Dance Duck
Hawaii Cottage
Sea Shell Unicorn
Splash Mushroom
Tropical Slide

As usual, there's an additional prize up for grabs in this Mystery Game, with this week's prize being a cute Hula Dancer Sheep (complete with grass skirt). Of course, actually earning this prize is easier said than done, as you can wind up with multiple duplicate prizes and "waste" Farm Cash along the way. If you think the prize is worth the risk, just make sure that you play this Mystery Game before it expires next Sunday, taking this set of prizes along with it.

What do you think of this week's prizes in the FarmVille Mystery Game? Did you throw any darts at this week's board? Which prize(s) did you win? Sound off in the comments.