CityVille Stock Exchange: Everything you need to know


Is your CityVille bank account overflowing with coins that you have no idea what to do with? Or, do you tend to go on shopping sprees and always spend your savings? Either way, the new CityVille Stock Exchange is for you, as you can invest some of your excess earnings for future use, or simply use it to increase your funds via high returns on your investments. For the technicalities, you'll need to be at least Level 30 to access the Stock Exchange feature, which can be placed and upgraded in either your home city or your downtown expansion. If you place it at home, your maximum population allowance will increase by 4,500, while placing it in downtown will increase your Downtown Value allowance by 3,000 points.

Once you've placed the Stock Exchange, you'll need to collect build materials to finish its first level of construction:

  • 8 Stock Tickers

  • 8 Business Suits

  • 8 Prospectus

  • 8 Money Clips

  • 8 Calculators

Once you've built the Stock Exchange, you will have the option of investing in one of three stocks, depending on how much money you'd initially like to invest or earn in the long run. The three stocks also take longer amounts of time to payout. The cheapest stock costs 20,000 coins to purchase and will turnaround in just two hours. You'll be able to post a news item to your wall each time you invest in any stock, with helpful friends adding to your final payout. For instance, our example of the 20,000 coins stock can be boosted until you receive a final payout of 40,000 coins, or double your original investment. The other two stock options at the starting Stock Exchange level will allow you to earn up to 200,000 coins.

As you finish Stock cycles, regardless of how many bonus shares were purchased by friends, your earnings will go towards the Exchange's upgrade meter. That is, instead of collecting additional building materials or even staff members, you'll simply need to earn milestone amounts of money to upgrade the Stock Exchange. The first upgrade comes after you've earned 250,000 coins, while the next requires 1 million coins and so on, until you've reached level 5. The higher the Stock Exchange level, the more coins you'll have a chance of earning on each particular investment, so these upgrades are definitely worthwhile in the long run.

Ultimately, this feature may not be worthwhile to some players, depending on how secure your own in-game bank account really is. If you're looking for a quite boost in your coin balance, however, make sure to ask some friends for help and make it big on your very own virtual Wall Street!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the CityVille Stock Exchange? Will you invest coins into this feature, or do you not have enough active friends to make your investments worthwhile? Sound off in the comments.