Plasma Party on iOS takes the idea of "social" back into the real world

While the phrase "social games" normally triggers thoughts of strangers staring at computer or smartphone screens all around the world, with infrequent true social interaction, Lightwood Games' newest iPhone and iPad game Plasma Party is a "social" game in the real world sense of the word, meant to be played with as many real world friends as you can find.

Plasma Party's premise is simple (it had to be, since the game was designed and completely developed during a GameHack development event in London last month). A multiplayer board game of sorts, you'll place your device(s) on a flat service between all participating players, and will then tap on light bubbles as fast as you can. The player that can tap out all of their own colored balls the fastest wins. Simple, right? Where Plasma Party becomes truly interesting is in the ability to change the game board's shape, depending on how many devices you can round up.

For every iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you place side by side, the game board will become larger to compensate, creating a potentially massive playing surface. You can therefore customize the shape of the board as well, leaving gaps between some devices or creating a board that's more vertical than horizontal. Ultimately, the options are only limited by how many devices you can have running the game at the same time.

Plasma Party is now available to download for free on iPhone or iPad, via a universal app release on iTunes. Check out the preview trailer for the game below to see just how it all works.

Click here to download Plasma Party on iTunes --->

Will you download Plasma Party to try with your friends? Do you have access to more than one iOS device, or will you be forced to play just on a single screen? Sound off in the comments.

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