Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers Pacific Coral Reef: Our guide to finding every item

Put on your wetsuit and grab a snorkel, because it's time to head underwater in Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers. The latest scene in the Islands chapter takes us to a Pacific Coral Reef, where we'll be asked to find animals in three bulk categories, rather than 12 individual animals or items each time. Even though these kinds of scenes tend to be easier than the others, we're still here with a guide to show you where these animals could potentially spawn, so let's get started!

Pink = Fish

Green = Turtles

Yellow - Crustaceans

There might still be a few spawn locations that we haven't pictured here, as the game generates each set of animals in their locations randomly. We'll make sure to keep playing this scene and will update this space if we find any additional spawn spots to help you out.

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Have you made it this far into the Islands chapter of Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers yet? What do you think of this scene's lovely blue tint? Sound off in the comments.