CastleVille: Watch your puppies play with new animated decorations

Arguably one of the best things about the release of puppies in CastleVille is simply watching your puppy play and wander around your Kingdom. Whether they're barking at beasties or helping you harvest crops, the game's furry friends are almost too cute to handle. Raising the cuteness factor even more, a new set of dog toys and kingdom decorations has launched in the store, with these items being "interactive." That is, your puppy will play or otherwise interact with these objects in animations that have been created specifically for them.

There are only a few interactive items available as of this writing, with most being available only for Crowns:

  • Critter Bush - 5,000 coins

  • Dog Bowl - 22 Crowns

  • Dog House - 28 Crowns

  • Dog Pond - 22 Crowns

  • Topiary Puppy - 22 Crowns

If you're looking to spend just coins, the Critter Bush is still a cute option, as you can click on it to see your puppy jump into the bush entirely, only to chase out a critter and then jump out after it.

Technically, a new "Dog Fence" also appears in this section of the store for 1,000 coins, and it is pictured above with a dog trying to jump over it. However, we've had little luck duplicating this animation in our own Kingdoms, so perhaps this was placed here in error. Either way, it's a cute decorative option on its own, if you'd like to add a few pieces to your Kingdom (perhaps to surround your Kennel?).

With these new animations and Kingdom decorations, it's become even clearer that pups are here to stay. Hopefully, kittens will join them sometime soon, and will receive as much follow-up content after their release.

What do you think of these new interactive items for your Kingdom? Have you purchased any? Which of the puppy animations is the cutest? Let us know in the comments!