'Undercover Boss': MasTec CEO Gets Choked Up Recalling Famous Dad

Dan Fastenberg
Jose Mas MasTec Undercover Boss
Jose Mas MasTec Undercover Boss

Many sons with famous fathers feel overshadowed and the burden of living up to a legend. But rarely does that psychological dynamic play out on a reality TV show, as it did this week when Jose Mas was featured on "Undercover Boss."

Jose Mas is the CEO of MasTec, the $2.8 billion infrastructure giant that his late father, Jorge Mas Canosa, founded and built. Jorge Mas Canosa, widely considered to be a top leader of the anti-Fidel Castro movement in Miami, signed up as a young man to take part in the failed 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion, and went on to serve as an adviser on Cuban affairs to Presidents Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. There's even a major street named after him in Miami.

And as Mas recalled on Friday's episode, which wrapped up the third season for the popular CBS reality series, he grew up in awe of his father, who began his career in the U.S. washing dishes in hotels. He died in 1997. "A couple hundred thousand" people came out in the streets of Miami for his father's funeral to pay their respects, he said. "That moment showed me the impact he had in his life," Mas said. "My dad was an incredible man, someone I'd love to be like."