FarmVille: Free Postier Brenton horse and Flower Bull up for grabs


Not only are farmers encouraged to take advantage of triple mastery on all crops and trees in FarmVille this weekend, but animals are also being given away all around the game!

There are two free animal promotions currently running as of this writing, allowing you to walk away with at least three animals when all is said and done. For one, you will now see a picture of a brown horse called a Postier Brenton on the left side of your screen (underneath your goal icons). Clicking on this will allow you to post two of these animals to your wall, where friends can claim them for free. For each friend that accepts your gift, you'll receive a horse in exchange. This means you're looking at earning at least two of these free Postier Brenton horses, even if you don't try to claim those posted by your friends on their own walls.

Furthermore, a new lonely animal has wandered into the game in the form of a Flower Bull. This bull is one of the prettiest animals I've personally seen in some time, with a blue and white body being accompanied by a random (and equally colorful) flower pattern. Luring this lonely animal into your farm is as easy as you'd expect: you'll simply need to ask five friends to help you lure it into your game, and will be able to share an additional bull with your friends when you've accomplished the task. For the record, you can also purchase the Flower Bull with Farm Cash if you don't want to wait for your friends to help, but you'll need to make either decision within three days, before this Flower Bull wanders off, potentially never to be seen again. You wouldn't want that to happen, now would you?

What do you think of these free animals in FarmVille? Have you earned all three (or more) for your game, or are you still waiting for help with the Flower Bull? Let us know in the comments.