FarmVille: Mother's Day means triple mastery all weekend!

While we've already seen quite a bit of Mother's Day content released in FarmVille, both in terms of limited edition items in the store and promotions with big names like Pro Flowers, we've seen the mother of all celebrations (pun intended) launch this weekend: Triple Mastery!

That's right, from now until Tuesday evening at 9PM Pacific, you'll earn triple the amount of mastery points on each and every crop or tree you harvest in that time. This counts across all of your farms, but unfortunately doesn't include animals. Still, if you use your Orchards correctly, or even plant some short-growth-time crops, you can earn quite a few mastery signs in a short amount of time, saving yourself plenty of effort in the long run!

Just don't forget to actually wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day before you get too distracted planting and harvesting crops and trees!

What kinds of trees or crops will you try to master during this limited time event? Sound off in the comments.
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