CityVille Dam Upgrades: Everything you need to know

If you're already sitting pretty with a maximum energy cap of 37 points, thanks to building your Dam in CityVille, you can now raise your maximum energy cap even higher thanks to two upgrades that have been released for it. These upgrades are available, regardless of your level, as soon as you've finished the base construction of your Dam (you can check out our guide to doing just that right here).

To upgrade to Level 2, you'll need to collect quite a few building materials:

  • 8 Silver Rotors

  • 8 Silver Generators

  • 8 Silver Canal Locks

  • 8 Silver Turbines

  • 8 Silver Flood Gates

These items are earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests. When you complete this first upgrade, your Dam will change shape visually (it will become taller), and you'll gain an additional bonus point of energy, taking your new maximum energy cap up to 38 (if you have no other boosts active in your city). You'll also receive 5 energy and a Zoning Permit for finishing this off.

From there, you can upgrade your Dam further to Level 3 by collecting additional building materials:

  • 10 Gold Rotors

  • 10 Gold Generators

  • 10 Gold Canal Locks

  • 10 Gold Turbines

  • 10 Gold Flood Gates

These items are earned in the same fashion as those above, but might take you a bit longer to earn due to the fact that you'll simply need more of them. Finish off this second upgrade and your Dam will become even taller still, rewarding you with another energy cap boost, making your final new total 39 energy. Additional prizes are offered here too, in the form of 10 energy and two Zoning Permits.

Ultimately, this seems like an awfully large amount of work for just two bonus energy points, but if you're dealing with a massive home town and downtown expansion, perhaps those two points are worth the effort. Since these Dam upgrades are completely voluntary, that will ultimately be up to you.

What do you think of these Dam upgrades? Is the amount of effort required worth just two more energy to your maximum cap? Sound off in the comments.