When Chinese zombies attack, you get new Plants vs Zombies games

Plants vs Zombies China
Plants vs Zombies China

Localizing games for Chinese audiences is an interesting business. In many cases, American games tailored for China are rewritten entirely, and PopCap's tower defense hit Plants vs Zombies (PvZ) is no exception. Well, it is an exception when you consider how downright awesome the Chinese versions of the game sound, according to China Daily.

PopCap's Chinese division will launch two versions of PvZ: Plants vs Zombies Great Wall and Plant vs Zombies Kingdoms. Both will appear on Tencent's QQ Game Center for Android phones and tablets, and the former has players use plants to protect the Great Wall of China from distinctly Chinese zombies donned in traditional garb, PopCap Greater China country manager Liu Kun told China Daily.

The Great Wall version of PvZ is slated for a May 18, and Kingdoms (a free-to-play version) is due out this summer. A Chinese version of Bejeweled is also in the works, though we doubt that will require much localization ... because it's jewels. Now, don't you wish you lived in China just a little bit more?

[Via Kotaku]

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